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Education Nation

At Tara Yoga, we offer educational clinics, workshops, and mindfulness courses to help you implement the best overall self care plan.   Upcoming: Education Nation: Hyper-mobility vs. Immobility with Tara Blumenthal and Katie Taylor, MD, September 16th at 2pm. $20 ($15 students).  Sign up via our "classes" page or the mindbody app, and email with any questions. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course with Kathy Woodliff: Spring Dates TBD  

Private Classes/Yoga for Athletes

Tara has had the privilege of working with some of the greatest National and International yoga teachers, with a specific emphasis on yoga anatomy and therapy. She also has extensive training in the philosophy, history, and systems of yoga as well. This expansive background allows Tara to work effectively and successfully with her clients.   

Classes & Teacher Training 2018

Tara Yoga Teacher Training coming in 2018! Dates to be announced soon! For any interested students, join us for a Q & A for the upcoming Immersion and Teacher Training on Saturday September 30th at 3pm.  Click below to check out our full class schedule! 

Hire Tara For Your Event

Need a guest speaker or presenter for yoga, meditation, or stress management? Tara's energy and enthusiasm will spice up your corporate events. She's also available for workshops, seminars, and wellness fairs. 

Mission Statement

  • At Tara Yoga, it’s our goal to ​build a better community one by one. We are made up of teachers, professionals, students, athletes, and seasoned veterans. We are everyday people making extraordinary strides in everyday life. From a physical perspective, yes, we do yoga. All kinds. There are gentle and therapeutic classes, vigorous classes, fitness classes, and everything in between. But instead of being “pose” driven, we are movement driven. We’ve designed classes to help you move better, function better, live better - whatever your age or needs in life. We even have classes to help you de-stress! We know that from a consistent and well rounded yoga and movement practice, you’ll not only gain flexibility and strength, but build balance as well - within the body as well as the mind. To quote one of my favorite teachers, “health-care is self-care”. Our amazing team of instructors are as diverse as our community, Each of our teachers are certified, and are ready to serve you - offering classes, infused with love, compassion, inspiration, and skilled instruction. We invite you to be a part of our expansive community. Join us at Tara Yoga, and become inspired, empowered, and enlightened.


Meet Our Teachers

We cannot wait for you to meet our wonderfully diverse group of teachers that help make Tara Yoga so very unique.

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Welcome to Tara Yoga! Our spacious studio and sweet atmosphere is one you will feel welcome in.

Meet Tara

Tara’s extensive training in yoga anatomy and therapy, partnered with her craft in the art and skill of teaching yoga...


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