Level 1 

This is the perfect class for any level of practitioner, seeking to create and maintain a steady and solid yoga practice. Build heat naturally, while thoughtfully challenging yourself. Increase strength, stability, and fluidity.

Hour of Power – Rotation 
Increase stamina and strength. Mix up your routine with this fabulous weekly rotation class. Each teacher brings his or her own specialty to the table for a fun, powerful session. Levels 2 and Core class compatible. Check out our class schedule to find out which awesome teacher will be leading you that night! 
YogaLAB 101

A great way to make old yoga poses brand new again! This class is a for all the yoga nerds out there! Learn key movements to unlock the poses and access your full potential. Perfect for beginners, and curious practitioners.

Relax, Restore, Renew

Love yourself with this nurturing class that uses traditional props and poses to help you relax and press the restart button. Increase peace and calm, decrease anxiety. Suitable for all. Accessible to those with loss of ROM, as well as those suffering from arthritis fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or high stress.

Core Strength Interval Conditioning

Sweat, strengthen, and stabilize with bodyweight and core work targeting abs, glutes, and extremities. This class is a great compliment to any other workout program you are already doing. *Note: Not recommended for those with recent wrist or knee injuries.

De-Stress Meditation

Combines accessible approaches to meditation with restorative yoga poses to find just the right techniques and tools for you. Suitable for both seasoned meditators and beginners. Combat stress, increase peace and calm, decrease anxiety.


Nurturing way to transition into a public yoga class after dealing with an injury or loss of range of motion. Increase calm, decrease anxiety, start to feel empowered again! Steady and conscious transitions, and the use of chairs and props make this class accessible to most students. Great class for those suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia. Also wonderful for prenatal students.

Power Restorative

Beginner friendly and the perfect way to start your Saturday! This is not your typical restorative class. Thoughtful transitions + basic poses = happy practitioner! Leave class feeling empowered and restored. Great for beginners or seasoned students seeking to renew the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

12 Steps, Recovery, and Yoga

This class is open to anyone in any 12 step recovery program. Combines, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Level 1Friday night lights FLOW / Morning FLOW

Fluid and playful approach to yoga. Flow classes links poses together in continuous movement. Increase strength and stability, building heat slowly. Suitable for all levels of students seeking to create a steady yoga practice and up for a healthy challenge!

FLOW Level 2 

Increase stamina, decrease sluggishness. This challenging yoga class builds heat naturally and is great for getting a little cardio in too. *Note: This class is NOT recommended for beginners or those with any injuries or significant loss of range of motion. Students should be comfortable in a Level 1 Flow or similar class prior to trying Level 2 Flow.

Adult Hoops Classes (offered periodically)
Beginner – New to hula hooping? Join us for this fun class and get a little workout in as well! No experience necessary. 
Intermediate – This is for seasoned hoopers to add to your moves and grooves. Must be able to waist/hip hoop for 5 minutes consecutively for this class. 
Please read class descriptions carefully and email if you have questions about which classes would best meet your needs.

FIRST CLASS IS FREE! (*does not apply to workshops, trainings, or special events)

Drop in fee $15

Student Drop in $10 (must have student ID to redeem)

Class packages start at 6 Classes for $60, 8 for $80, 10 for $100 and 12 for $120. Class packages do not expire, and can be used at your convenience. 

Student packages are 10 Classes for $80 or 12 Classes for $94. These also do not expire. Student packages are no sold online (must provide ID) 

Monthly Unlimited Single $115 per month auto draft. $120 per month non-auto draft. These classes expire after 30 days of the date of purchase. 

Monthly Unlimited Couples $200 per month. These classes expire after 30 days of the date of purchase. 


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